To all travellers or adventurers who are really interested in visiting and touring This beloved country Pakistan .I really highly recommend trying this agency ( North Pakistan Adventure) .I had the pleasure of renting a Toyota Prado landCruiser with a driver for really a very fair price ,Khaja my driver by time I really felt we are friends as I stayed with his family in Hunza ,very kind and Hospitable ,very nice family .we did Khaja and I more than 5000km  ending in getting more than 5000 pics . I posted more than 500 on my site on the Face Book .Ishaq showed me  well knowledge of the area and we had in many cases to readjust or modify our trip  according to his advices .I am really planing to visit Pakistan again in late summer with some friends from Belgium , Italy and Australia .

Noureldin K Hassane - USA