North Pakistan Adventure since 2009, has organised three wonderful tours for us in various parts of Pakistan. Our itineraries have often included “off the beaten track” destinations such as the Shimshal Valley, Khaplu, the Deosai Plains, the Babusar and Shandur Passes and the remote Kalasha Valleys of north-western Pakistan. On each of these tours the journey has been as fascinating and enjoyable as the destination.
We cannot recommend North Pakistan Adventure highly enough. The company under the management of Mr Ishaq Ali and the highly capable services of Mr Sadruddin Ali and colleagues, has been totally professional. All of our tours have been carefully tailored to our needs and aspirations, well organised and reliably undertaken. Thanks to North Pakistan Adventure, Pakistan has become our very favourite destination in the world.
What began as a tourist business arrangement in 2009, quickly evolved into a close friendship and today we regard Ishaq Ali, his relatives and colleagues as indeed part of our own family.
We are experienced older travellers but we would have to admit that prior to our first trip we felt a deal of trepidation regarding safety issues and the political situation in Pakistan. North Pakistan Adventure has ensured that all of our trips have been undertaken with a significant sense of safety and has carefully organised our itineraries to avoid any politically sensitive locations. The company’s priority for client safety was particularly appreciated when we entered Pakistan the evening following the assassination of Osama bin Laden in 2011!
We can confirm from our own experiences that North Pakistan Adventure has excellent international linkages in China and India and can co-ordinate with other professional tourism service providers to develop comprehensive cross border travel itineraries.
We would highly recommend the simply fantastic trip by public bus along the famous Karakoram Highway from far western China through the Khunjerab Pass and into Pakistan. We have undertaken this journey on two occasions, in both directions, and believe it is a wonderful gateway to Pakistan and one of the great journeys of the world.
In summary, it gives us great pleasure to highly recommend North Pakistan Adventure as a highly professional, reliable and friendly travel company. We are more than happy to discuss our travels with any prospective clients.
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Dr Alan M Smith and Wendy Morrison Crowdy Head - New South Wales Australia